Iowa caucus

A quick word on tonight’s Iowa Democratic caucus, which Barack Obama appears to have won: Just remember… in the end, old age and treachery will always overcome youth and skill.

Dang, it just hit me, there might be a New York primary with a minimum shred of suspense, not too long from now. (How strange!) I guess I’m leaning toward Edwards, but that could change.

Edited to add: Interesting comment from our senator

“We can’t have false hopes. We’ve got to have a person who can walk into that Oval office on day one and start doing the hard work that it takes to deliver change,” she said.

Mmmmm…okay, I was pretty neutral on this whole Obamarama vs. the Iron Lady thing, I think, until I read that. There’s just something cynical and wrong with that use of the term “false hope” – is she implying Obama is the Anti-President or something? Am I the only one who thinks it was a weird, yet telling word choice? (And on another level… Hillary, you represent New York State — False Hope Central. They’re how you twice became Senator in the first place!)

Ah, the Iowa caucus. This means I’m coming up on almost four years before the blogging mast. Howard old boy, I still miss you and your ever-thought-provoking “gaffes.” Those were the days.

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