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Via Boing Boing:

A few short comments on this after the flip…

1. This is a testament to the power of editing and scoring to make ordinary video something really special. (The music is from Alexandre Desplat’s score for the film Birth.)

2. This video was (apparently) shot by NYU film students from their apartment. Perhaps they were thinking of Paris and The Red Balloon, but to me, this is a classic vision of a sort of Seventies-era, grittier, unscripted New York City that increasingly doesn’t exist in reality any more. NYC is more and more like Tokyo now, and you have to find this sort of New York on the fringes.

3. Maybe this is what God does all day. (Littering?)

4. Catch the (two) missed moments of grace at the end of the video (as the car parallel parks, and the pedestrian passes). If only…

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