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Haven’t done OPB in a while… year-end roundup time!

Change CNY talks Empire Zones and I-81.

Fault Lines is also looking in on the local I-81 discussion (an elevated highway is contemplated in Utica), and includes a quote by Sandra Barrett of the Onondaga Citizens League.

Rochester Dissident on the non-shoveling of sidewalks. (Again, we’ve had some local commentary on that too from Sean Kirst. Some local issues are truly Upstate issues.)

Phil at Racing in the Street wonders if established charities are contributing to the success of the questionable Planet Aid drop-off boxes in the Syracuse area.

Northern New York Follies assesses the legacy of state senator Jim Wright and the handing-off of the Republican endorsement for the seat to my Assemblyman, Young Will Barclay.

Five Wells on deer overpopulation woes. (A subject close to my own heart, although I haven’t contemplated learning to use a gun.)

North: Adirondack Almanack reports on the outcome of a battle for control of the radio waves around Lake Placid.

South: The Invisible Flood Blog (on vacation in the UK, apparently) on the fear of Christmas flooding back home across from the Susquehanna.

West: From occasional commenter Wild Turkey Desire, a post on New York State’s proposal to buy the last two undeveloped Finger Lakes, Hemlock and Canadice.

East: A cool full-screen slideshow of winter driving photos from NY Cowboy.

Serious winter photos from English Russia.

From World Hum (Travel Dispatches from a Shrinking Planet), a Canadian correspondent writes Confessions of a Cross-Border Shopper… in Syracuse.

And on a technical note, I have nothing to add to this ZDNet rant on content management systems except: “Been there, done that.”

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