Art is Lipe

Neat story in the Post-Standard today on The Gear Factory, a budding artist and musician studio complex in the former Brown-Lipe Gear building on West Fayette Street. (This is near Lipe Art Park, but not from the same people?) This is the project that was referred to in this post from the long-dead Salted City blog.

As far as I can tell, this project isn’t being supported by state grants or university money. Hey, if you’re going to have an artist colony, do it right — from the bootstraps. (If you’re not starving and dying of consumption and wearing fingerless gloves in the cold, is it really art?) $100 to $300 for studio rental space doesn’t seem too steep. Maybe I’ll put this officially on my personal “pipe dreams” list.

One thought on “Art is Lipe

  1. Aaron

    Now they just need a sufficient infusion of cash to do something about the exterior of that building. It’s such a gateway building – to the South Geddes corridor and the “Warehouse district” and looms far above most structures over there – and looks like such an eyesore.

    Even a temporary coat of new paint would do wonders. Wonder if the True Value next door would be willing to help them out?

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