We are all 315ers… for now

As recently reported in the Post-Standard and elsewhere, area code 315 is the next New York code projected to run out of phone numbers… perhaps as early as 2010. The big question: Should we have an new “overlay” area code mingled with the old 315 (which would require 10-digit local calling), or should we have a regional breakup similar to what happened to 716?

Although 10-digit calling might not be much of a pain for cell phone users who are used to one-touch dialing anyway, a regional breakup might be a lot more feasible. 315 covers a huge area, and it would make sense to give the North Country and/or the Utica-Rome area its own area code. (But it would suck for folks in those areas, who’d have to change their phone numbers and business materials.) What do you think? Should we armwrestle for it?

6 thoughts on “We are all 315ers… for now

  1. sean

    my immediate thought is that they ought to expand “585” a few counties to the east of rochester, thus taking the heat off “315” – and getting rid of the silly “315er” insult-stereotype for those counties.


  2. KAZ

    I lived in NYC when Queens, Brooklyn and Staten Island were reassigned 718 instead of 212 area codes. Although there was a LOT of p*ssing and moaning, everyone survived, and the Bronx followed some years later. (Of course, I lived in Manhattan and got to keep my “cool” phone no., so what did I care.)

    It’s hard enough to remember seven digits. Go for the regional breakup.

  3. Taylor Made

    Personally I’d like to see Syracuse remain 315 — and those of us to the east get a nice lucky number like 826 — which is currently available — I selected it for fung shui reasons:

    8 = The word for “eight” in Chinese (Pinyin: b?) sounds similar to the word which means “prosper” or “wealth” (? – short for “??”, Pinyin: f?)

    2 = The number 2 (?, èr) is a good number in Chinese culture. There is a Chinese saying “good things come in pairs”. It is common to use double symbols in product brand names, e.g. double happiness, double coin, double elephants etc. Cantonese speaking people like the number two because it sounds the same as the word “easy” (?) in Cantonese.

    6 = The number 6, pronounced “liu”, sounds like the word for “flowing”, “smooth” or “slippery” which can mean “everything goes smoothly”.

    The above is taken from the Wikipedia article on Chinese lucky numbers.

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