Deer season

This item in yesterday’s Post-Standard caught my eye — concerning a gonadically-challenged buck that was bagged by some local hunters. It turns out that the poor deer had antlers that were never going to fall off or stop growing. Those of us who’ve seen the film Princess Mononoke wonder if these hunters just killed the Great God of the Forest.

So, after you’ve dispatched the Shishi Gami, what do you do for an encore? Perhaps you go shoot one of the Seneca white deer in Romulus — that is, if you have some big money to pony up for the privilege?

I’m not against sport hunting (and the aforementioned buck is probably better off without having to live with antlers that never stop growing). I know people who feel really strongly about it, however; and I question whether this ought to be allowed. (The developers of the former Seneca Army Depot deny that canned hunting is part of their plan.) That said, the white deer wouldn’t even exist without the artificial selection by Army marksmen in years past. Do you think big-ticket sport hunting white deer has a place on any nature reserve that might come about on the land?

Here’s a link to the Seneca White Deer website, and CBS News report about their efforts from last year.

Updated: Post-Standard on community hearing about Seneca Army Depot deer; New York Times on deer hunting and eating local.