Winter questions

I haven’t ever done the “blog meme” thing before (i.e., “Friday Five,” five questions that everyone is supposed to blog about on Friday – it’s a friendly way of getting blog traffic to circulate) but here’s some winter questions and answers. Feel free to tackle these questions on your own blog, and I will add a link to your post.

1. What’s the winter tool you can’t do without?

2. The winter tool you could do without (i.e., find unnecessary or silly)?

3. Your favorite music to listen to when stuck in the house in a snowstorm?

4. The winter sound you least like to hear?

5. Your driveway shoveling pattern: vertical (up and down)? horizontal (pushing from side to side)? Or any which way?

My answers:

1. Can’t do without: The ClintonCam. No windows in my office, so it gives me a preview of road conditions downtown for the drive home. (Except, it appears I will have to do without it, since it isn’t working?)

2. Can do without: This plastic snowball maker. (Sure, if you’re having a perfect snowball fight to the death with Martha Stewart, maybe… but I guess I’m old-fashioned; you make snowballs with mittens.)

3. Favorite snow music: Right now, “Snowfall” by Manhattan Transfer.

4. Least favorite sound: The peculiarly unsettling sound of freezing rain. Which sounds just like rain, except louder. Too loud. When you hear this sound, something not-good is happening out there. (But here’s an even more unsettling phenomenon… a snow tornado!)

5. Shoveling pattern: Tends toward the vertical. I don’t feel comfortable unless I can get down to the bottom of the driveway and assess the snow-pack thrown up by the plows.

And you?

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9 thoughts on “Winter questions

  1. Gag Halfrunt

    1. Snow Tires. Gag likes to plow through drifts with ease.
    2. Snow blower. Good shovel works fine for me. Did a 300 foot driveway as a teen with only the trusty shovel.
    3. Gordon Lightfoot seems to work well, also fond of some Jay Ungar.
    4. Agreed on the frozen rain. That sound means trouble.
    5. Tried and true routine: Straight one shovel wide path down to road, then side to side back towards the house. Dynamite sometimes required for plow pack. (not really..but isn’t that a tempting thought?)

  2. sean

    1.) functional – good snow brush for car. convenience – school closing scroll, bottom of the tv screen.

    2.) hand-held scraper. never use it now that good ones come with the brush.

    3.) before christmas – yuletide music. favorites – temptations christmas; jinglebell jazz, with miles, etc.; celtic christmas. after christmas – stones, in their heyday, early 70s, some ‘tumbling dice’ …

    4.) freezing rain is an awful sound. so is being awakened by the hurly-burly of several plows thundering and careening along the street in the middle of the night, osha beepers wailing, a great herd of beasts … glad they’re there, but still unsettling …

    5.) sidewalk shoveling pattern – zigzag, all for art’s sake, cuz it sure ain’t practical but looks cool for a few moments once it’s done, until the dog comes plowing through to play the critic …


  3. Phil

    1) Bent handle shovel, my back is very grateful for ergonomic advances in technology, but wishes I wasn’t too cheap to spring for a snowblower.

    2) GW Bush: of course, he’s a summer tool also.

    3) Winter music: “Live at Winterland”–Jimi Hendrix; “Blizzard of Ozz”–Ozzie Osbourne, “Ice Ice Baby”–Vanilla Ice, anything by Phoebe Snow.

    4) The alarm clock on a winter weekday morning. “Time to shovel!”

    5) Shovel the plow pack first–when I have more energy. Side-to-side afterwards.

  4. Robinia

    1. Plow guy. This also answers #5 for me– my driveway is 1/4 mile long.

    2. Emergency auto blanket. If I get stuck in the snow, damned if I am gonna huddle in the car under a blanket. You just gotta go out and look for help and deal with it.

    3. “Sexual Healing” by Marvin Gaye. Great for a snow day (or night).

    4. A quick and strong gust of wind from the West– the kind that sometimes makes the chimney for woodstove #2 backdraft.

  5. Patrick

    Great post NYCO!

    1. One of the lightest and cheapest plastic snow shovels I have which probably cost less than $5.00 several years back. The kids aren’t allowed to use it. They get the heavier expensive shovels I have :)

    2. A snow brush. My coat sleeves and the cheap plastic shovel seem to do a better job.

    3. I love all kinds of music but most likely during a snow storm it’s whatever music the weather channel is playing for the weather on the 8’s.

    4. Like Sean, the snow plow slamming down the blades and the reverse alarm. Normally about 4:00 am like clockwork.

    5. A path from the garage door to the end of the cars and then down the middle and side to side.

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