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New York Cowboy has a new look. This is a long-running blog that always has very current observations on a variety of issues in Albany (emphasis on rural issues and the environment) — and examines actual Assembly and Senate bills, something I certainly don’t have the time or energy for.

Jockeystreet writes about the proposed DestiNY hotel (the big green peapod thing) and objects to the idea of a green mall (as opposed to other type of building). I feel the same way. Function should follow form… and if the impression the architects are trying to convey is a grand paean to life and growth, you’d think a school or a hospital (or better yet, a factory) would fit the form better.

A visitor to CNY becomes terribly creeped out by Auburn.

There is apparently such a thing as PORN snowfall, and Golden Snowball is blogging about it. Further weather geekery (I mean that in a good way) is at the Groton Weather Blog, by a SUNY Oswego meteorology student (who has some contrarian views on climate change, btw).

The past: Via New York Cowboy, here’s a look at global warming from 1958.

The future: Upstate 2050 has a story on the Upstate Resettlement Zone.

And I don’t claim to know what this is all about, but somebody on my end of town is having a thrilling time

Holey bent along with the road past Westvale Plaza, stopping occasionally to break open the window of a car and bludgeon the zombies inside. Someday, salvage crews would come this way. Traffic control would be happy to have a few previously-cleared cars. He wished he could think of it in the long term like that, but really, his goals were more personal. He was hunting out of spite. It slowed him down, but he couldn’t resist his anger. Only a couple more miles and he’d be there. He approached from the east. Fairmount Fair had been the original goal. The Wegmans, Target, and the Dicks Sporting Goods sat there like ripe plums, waiting to be plucked. More important than the food and weapons that had probably already been picked clean would be the clothes of Marshalls. Three teams had headed out every day for a week before the Grabbers would come in. Lots of people had a similar idea before the evacuation and the place was loaded with Z’s. Assault, retreat, pick them off one by one…

Hmmm… are we coming into the present? (A description of Black Friday weekend?)

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  1. Patrick

    Lol, you scared me NYCO when I read this post. I thought maybe I misspelled a word which I do often and on a few words if I leave a letter out, well enough said. I just caught what you are referring to though. When he first posted in the forum I thought it was another of the many spammers I get each day and almost deleted the thread but read more and figured it out. It’s about that time to dust off the Snow God. The kids will be home from college pretty soon and the Ski resorts are counting on him/her??? :)

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