Let’s talk about the Water Crisis

One of the most enduring in-jokes in my family, particularly in this Thanksgiving season, is the line: “Let’s talk about the Energy Crisis.” This was once said, in all seriousness, by five-year-old me at the dinner table one evening during the Nixon era. I’m sure I had no idea what the energy crisis was (just as I have no real idea of half the stuff I talk about on this blog), but to this day, whenever dinner conversation dies down to nothing, or there is an awkward silence to fill, someone will quip “Let’s talk about the Energy Crisis.” (thus ensuring I will never, ever live that down)

So just in case you have nothing acceptable to talk about at the dinner table tomorrow with your nearest and dearest, here are a few links to conversation starters about America’s water crisis.

Wishing you all a happy Thanksgiving… May your turkeys not be dry!

4 thoughts on “Let’s talk about the Water Crisis

  1. Taylor Made

    NYCO —

    Hope that your guajalote was nice and juicy. BTW guajalote is the Mexican Spanish word for turkey from the Nahuatl — MesoAmericans were the first to domesticate the “turkey.”

  2. Ellen

    Is “guajalote” supposed to sound like gobbling?

    Thank you, yes my turkey was wonderful, particularly since it was cooked and carved on Wednesday. It was so nice to have a calm day on Thursday where the other dishes could be paid attention to, instead of running around the kitchen like a crazed animal. I think a new Thanksgiving tradition has been born chez moi.

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