Other People’s Blogs: Complaints Edition

Steve Balogh has checked in with a couple of new posts — one at Clean Up Syracuse, where he explains why he’s no longer actively maintaining that blog, and one at Baloghblog, where he starts a conversation on the future of OnTrack as it relates to DestiNY.

My personal experience with OnTrack is very limited. The first, only (and probably final?) time I rode it was to get back from Armory Square to the SU hill after volunteering at an “intro to Syracuse” event involving new students. It was 1:30 a.m., I was barely awake, but I couldn’t believe how grungy the cars were. I remember feeling it was an embarrassment for the city of Syracuse to be showing this as a way to try and reassure students that they could get to downtown easily. I know a lot of those students were probably quite used to riding less-than-pristine trains at home, but still.

A complaint by the PS’ Brian Cubbison directed at the Washington Post. And who knew that the Post-Standard has its own march? (Although it sounds more like a waltz)

Speaking of music (and hat tip to BuffaloPundit)… maybe what Syracuse really needs is its own Complaints Choir. Here’s the Helsinki choir that started it all.

Heck, you could just take half the letters to the editor and posts of all of the Syracuse-area blogs, set them to music and then we’d have ourselves a true cultural event that people might even want to come out and see.

Here’s my complaint: Why is the redecorated metal bench at the corner of Erie and McBride — public art supposedly meant to Uplift the City — only really visible to the people getting onto the %#^$%#& onramp to 690?!?