Are ya ready? Huh? Huh? Let the games begin! The 2007-08 snow total race has begun, and you can read all the coverage at Golden Snowball. You can also read lake effect talk until your eyeballs freeze at the weather blogs of WKTV and of WSYR’s Storm Team. Don’t forget to occasionally check out the rural bloggers like Northview Diary and Rooster Hill Farm for animal reports and purty pictures. (I don’t know if these hearty folk are still actively updating their site, but WinterCampers is worth a look anyway.) And the word for the day, courtesy of Jim Mortensen, is graupel.

I have new neighbors next door — a Syracuse native and her husband, recently returned from the Promised Land of North Carolina. Mother Nature has rolled out the welcome mat just in time.

Updated: Must add a favorite online time-waster, Make-a-Flake. This year they urge their gallery viewers to “report offensive flakes.” Hmm.

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  1. threecollie

    Hi NYCO and thanks for the link. Northview is still updated pretty much every day…..and as to all those “offensive flakes” which may be reported. To me they all are. lol

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