Pardon the dust

An apology: I usually don’t give in to the urge to change my blog theme until at least 6 months have passed, but sometimes… I realize a design just isn’t working out. And that it has to go. (When it comes to online content, it always feels like the solution to one problem is the cause of another problem!) And I missed my rotating seasonal banner graphics, and stuff like that. Thanks for your patience – we’re all creatures of habit, and sudden changes can be a little jarring!

6 thoughts on “Pardon the dust

  1. AZ

    I like the new design but there is a problem (on my end at least). I use Mozilla Firefox at home and the page looks great. But I at work using Internet Explorer the page is not loading correctly. The left column is loading below the second column on the main page (not a problem with the post/comment pages).

  2. Ellen Post author

    OK I think I’ve fixed it now. (I love it when the fixes are simple…) Let me know if it still looks weird.

  3. Ellen Post author

    thank you, but they’re not MY designs! They’re free designs anyone can use, by really good designers (ie, not me!) I just make little tweaks to them and crawl around in the code a bit. This theme is based on “Silhouette” by Brian Gardner. I do aspire to do my own someday but I am still learning.

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