It’s a czar!

Congratulations, Mr. Spitzer! It’s a czar! The Senate finally got around to confirming Dan Gundersen as upstate ESDC chair. And according to the NYT, the Steamroller is back:

Assemblyman Richard L. Brodsky, a Democrat from Westchester, said, “There’s a great deal of mystification out there from people sympathetic with where he wants to take the state. The mystification is about the tactics and tone, and I think it started on the comptroller stuff,” he said. “It just hasn’t stopped.”

Is there support for the Steamroller approach any more? Poll-quoting editorials say no, with quotes like this one from the Niagara Gazette: “In January, Spitzer had a 75 percent approval rating, while 10 percent of voters disapproved of him. So in less than a year, the governor’s poll ratings have slipped 21 points.” You mean to say… his approval rating is now no longer bigger than Jesus’s? Gasp. Also from the Niagara Gazette: “The cries of a Spitzer dictatorship are being heard on local talk radio.” NO! What is this world coming to when Limbaugh fans are finally forced to boldly speak out against tyranny?

So I’m not sure this is really a crisis, although I don’t know if smoking his tires repeatedly is going to help him that much either.

There’s also news about Spitzer’s nominee for new Public Service Commission chair. I don’t know if this nominee is less controversial than his original one. But this is the person who’s going to be dealing with NYRI’s federal-backed plans over the next year.