That sinking feeling

The other week (in comments of this post) there was commiseration about the demise of Salt City Roasters, a locally-owned eatery on the Fairmount strip. If only they could have survived into the Benderson era, they might have gotten more business. The other day I was distressed to read that Marnie’s ice cream parlor is not only going out of business, but selling off its equipment. There’s been an ice cream stand at that location for several decades (first Carvel, then Kristen’s) and now there’s yet another gaping hole in locally-owned business. It’s not as if Fairmountians can’t go down to the venerable Peter’s Polar Parlor on Milton Ave (and it’s possible that competition from PPP helped kill Marnie’s), but when a community loses an ice cream stand, for me that’s always reason for a little mourning. (God only knows how miserable life could be if you could never say, “Forget about it – let’s go get some ice cream.”)

The Post-Standard also reported on why Fairmount Liquors closed – I knew that store had had problems in the past with sales to minors, but didn’t know it was so persistent. In hindsight, I suppose that’s how they stayed in business since their selection couldn’t compete with bigger local stores. I did buy the occasional bottle of dinner wine from Fairmount Liquors, but that’s because I’m not exactly a wine connoisseur. So now The Plaza That Has No Name looks even more desolate. Will someone swoop down and see it as a nice spot for a single box store? Hope not.

In brighter news (no, not the eyeball-frying halogen lights in the new lanterns along West Genesee Street), the other day I noticed that the Fairmount strip now has its very own crosswalk, at the center entrance of Fairmount Fair across from the deserted video store. Geddes has had one for a few years between Dunkin’ Donuts and Wegmans. No, it’s not a pedestrian bridge – that dream may be unrealistic – but it’s something new and positive. (I assume it is new, anyway – or else I’m just blind…) I also note that Benderson (or whoever has jurisdiction over the Onondaga Road cut-through) has put up an inviting sidewalk down to Target complete with railings. Every time I get ready to walk down to the Target, the weather turns ominous. Soon I will overcome this wimpery.

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  1. OSoNY

    Proctor and Gamble is pulling out completely by 2008, taking about 120 families with them. Our little county can ill afford that.

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