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50th Senate District

Since I’m going away this weekend, a few quick words on news that Tim Green has switched parties (from GOP to Dem) and might challenge John DeFrancisco in the 50th, which is my district… I’m not real sure where that huge swing-voter area of the 50th lies (see map), that would enthusiastically vote for a GOP-to-Dem party switcher. Maybe Skaneateles, where all the money is, and where people will support anyone who looks good and acts nice, without thinking about it too hard. I don’t know. Maybe DeFrancisco should just switch parties himself and kick Green’s butt in a primary, just for sport.

The Dating Game

You might remember, some time ago, I posted about a friend of mine who was having some problems with her marriage and wondering what to do about her situation. I was surprised to learn recently that she had decided to start dating again on the side.

I didn’t realize she had started doing this until she let me know that she was seeing a guy (we’ll call him Bachelor No. 1). I had heard a lot about this guy. My friend thought he was a real gentleman and a good catch. They were friendly but hadn’t yet gone on a date until just the other week.

At around 1 a.m. on the night of the big date, she called me. I asked her how things went.

“Horrible,” she said. “Just horrible. I don’t even know how to describe it… but I’ll try.”
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Who is Legislator X?

Close your eyes, and think about the mess in Albany.

Now open your eyes. Sorry, the mess is still there! But now I want you to do something else. I want you to — quick, right this instant, don’t think about it too much — think of the names of five Albany legislators you know of who you think are, or will be at, the forefront of current or future reform efforts.

Okay. Once you’ve done that, you can click “More” and read the rest of this post.
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Other people’s blogs

Change CNY worries his blog isn’t being taken seriously enough. He got only one response to a survey he sent to county legislature and county exec candidates. (Who sent the one set of answers, doesn’t seem surprising to me.) Considering how Change CNY appears to be the only full-time political blog in CNY, I think maybe it ought to be taken more seriously.

New York Traveler asks “What would Schtooby do?”

Slums Along the Mohawk has apparently changed its name to Cobleskill Socialist Weekly, which somehow… doesn’t sing quite so much. However, a recent topic on wind farm opposition shows they are thinking hard about the power of language. (I wonder, though, if I change their name in my blogroll, how fast will Cato of Utica de-link me?)

And not a blog, but a report on what Mark Bitz plans to do with his time after selling Plainville Farms. Maybe a blogger in the making?

A woman’s worth

This story in the NYT caught my eye the other day for various reasons, but an easy reason is that it took place in upstate New York (Cohoes and Wayne County, to be exact). Reading this story, I am struck by the yawning gap between the higher ground we like to think all women have achieved in the 21st century, versus the reality of some women’s lives (mothers and daughters both)… the social script that is inscribed over their very cradles even in this “modern” age, and which they deviate from (or, through misfortune, are cut off from) at their peril.

This happened in upstate New York, not too far from Seneca Falls.