Spitzer’s Golden Hour

In trauma medicine there is an expression they have: “The Golden Hour.” It’s that period of time in which a critical trauma patient has to show certain benchmarks of stability (blood pressure, respiration, brain activity, etc) before they are certain of a chance of reasonable recovery. If the patient doesn’t make it through the Golden Hour with these benchmarks established (through resuscitation or treatment), as a rule of thumb, the patient is far less likely to survive, or to come through their injuries without permanent damage.

Whether you think that Eliot Spitzer got hit by a Mack truck driven by Joe Bruno or even Andrew Cuomo (does anyone think that?) or whether you think he cavalierly crossed the Northway thinking he was impervious to cars, certain high expectations for his governorship are now stretched out on the table in Trauma One. On Monday, by offering a swift and public apology, Camp Spitzer made a game attempt to stop the hemorrhaging. However, it’s obvious there are “multiple lacerations” and the revelations that at least two of the staffers he declined to fire, Richard Baum and Darren Dopp, didn’t exactly cooperate with the investigation, is making the EKG make that nasty beeeeeeeep sound again. How much time do the doctors have left to mull over whether to amputate these guys? Not much.