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Not going all “class warfare” on y’all, but in the course of my wanderings I came across this interesting website for activists: Class Matters. It’s not so much about class in America, but about activism styles of people with different socioeconomic backgrounds, and how they can sometimes get in the way of getting people together to work on issues of mutual concern. (Or rather, how they get in the way of keeping them together.) This website appears oriented toward “middle-class/professional” activists, trying to get them to understand why they often aren’t able to reach and mobilize people from backgrounds different from their own.

And no, it’s not just about tofu, casual dress and sitting on the floor… it’s also about how meetings are run, how agendas are planned, when events are scheduled, and so forth. (This article on group processes is most illuminating.)

I personally couldn’t look at myself and see myself as “working class,” just based on what I do for a living, but upon reading some of the material here, I can definitely identify my style as being “working class.” (And, this shouldn’t have been any surprise to me, since I grew up in a family where people were in unions and where union politics sometimes got brought home.) It is interesting to read some of the testimonies on this site and see my experiences (and frustrations) reflected in them.

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