Quote of the week

The ever-quotable Mr. Bruno was in fine form this past week…

“It’s sad for the people of New York State that here on the closing day of the session the governor establishes a position that nothing happens unless we get agreement on campaign finance reform. Now I don’t know about you, in your lives, when you get up in the morning — do your children, your significant others ask you what’s the status of campaign finance reform?”

I would love to live in the Capitol. Seriously, it must be such a warm and secure cocoon, like being in the womb, one where everything you say to yourself echoes off the chamber walls and comes back to your ears sounding intelligent and noble.

One thought on “Quote of the week

  1. Len

    My family doesn’t ask me about infectious diseases first thing in the morning either, but I’m sure they’d like to know that the CDC is doing its job …

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