Campaign finance reform

If you’re going to use something as an excuse for the inevitable gridlock in Albany at the end of a legislative session, you could do worse than campaign finance reform. Spitzer hasn’t said that this is his reason for the traditional end-of-June squabble, but I suppose he’s very canny in making people think it is. It’s a great issue to use as a smoke screen for inaction. Kudos to the Spitz.

Such constipation is no longer surreal in Albany, but I thought this quote by Jim Tedisco was, if only because it illustrates to the rest of the world how idiosyncratic Republicans in this great state of ours can be (compared to national Republicans).

Assembly Minority Leader James Tedisco, R-Schenectady, complained that lawmakers had been spending too much time on relatively insignificant or symbolic matters, like gay marriage and using marijuana for medical purposes that have little chance of becoming law, rather than dealing with issues that are important in the lives of their constituents, or on relatively trivial matters, like regulating violent video games. “Nobody walks up to me in a CVS or in a market or on the street and says, ‘Jim, we’re leaving the state of New York because of violent video games,” he said.

Just a little illustration of how difficult it is to go to national political blogs like Daily Kos or whatever and try to explain to them that their ordinary political assumptions don’t work when it comes to the Empire State. (Although, I suppose, him being a Republican, if it were about regulating video games with sexual content rather than violent content, he’d be all over it, so maybe it’s not so weird.)

3 thoughts on “Campaign finance reform

  1. Mrs. Mecomber

    Republicans are just as sexually perverted as Democrats, and they both love to lord their power over others, so I’m sure all video games would be banned in a very bipartisan way. Ah, unity at last!

  2. NYCO

    True, but I think – stereotypically speaking – Democrats hate violence in the media, Republicans hate sex in the media. Of course, video games have more than enough of both…

  3. Taylor Made


    IMO it is going to get WORSE. I’ve been spending a ton of time in Albany for the last two years which is the main reason my blog is dead and completely inactive.

    The legislature is dysfunctional because the members do not in any way shape or form reflect the needs of their constituents. All that you need to do is look at the County Party leaders in Queens, Bronx, Manhattan, etc. they are tied to the ethnic politics of what NYC was like 3 decades ago. All of this is reinforced by money for campaigns. We, ALL NEW YORKERS, need to go to Albany and force public financing of campaigns — that is the first step to real change.

    And just wait for the next reapportionment of the Legislature — Upstate is going to loose big time and all of the power will shift downstate.

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