While I was away…

…the good fight continued!

-Activities of 40 Below were featured in the Post-Standard on Thursday, including a rather eye-catching shot of a shirtless guy (a member, I presume?) doing hard labor, which presents a whole different image than the three-piece suits and networking functions we have come to expect. Hmmm… I approve. Perhaps I have misjudged these 40 Belowers.

-Sean Kirst interviewed Steve Balogh about Clean Up Syracuse. And Steve was on the Jim Reith show too. Looks like things are taking off!

-The Onondagas’ court hearing was postponed, I think for the second or third time now. The recent ruling over the Oneida land claim (that the Oneidas may have a right to lost profits from the land, but not to the land itself) could be a good thing for other nations seeking redress for fraudulent land acqusitions. But authority and stewardship over land (in the form of having say over its cleanup, among other things) is still at the heart of the Onondagas’ atypical lawsuit — so in a way, this ruling is a step back, as I see it.

-The forces of artificiality have won yet another victory at Alliance Bank Stadium. There will be no grass playing surface, as many local fans have hoped. Yet. I don’t think there is any shame or antisociality involved in imagining the new phonyturf peeled back and shredded in creative ways. Have at it, let your imaginations run wild!

Speaking of artificial turf, I have to note this timely article on local camping.

They begin every summer here, at a campsite festooned with plastic flowers, windcatchers, strings of lights, red-white-and-blue tablecloths, NASCAR and Disney banners, a carpet of artificial turf – and a wooden sign that reads, “We [Heart] Camping at Green Lakes.”

To each his own, I guess. I don’t understand why people want to bring the suburbs along with them when they spend time in the country, but I don’t understand a lot of things about people.