Da, da, da

Via BuffaloPundit: Is upstate New York like Europe under the Soviets?

Comparing Upstate New York to Eastern Europe in the 1980s and 1990s, the CEO of M&T Bank Corp. said Wednesday that efforts to pull the region out of economic doldrums can succeed only if politicians, businesses and labor cooperate to roll back harmful policies… “Most countries in Eastern Europe had a socialist government and their economies were stuck in the water,” Wilmers said. But now, “the economies of Poland and the Czech Republic are some of the most dynamic in the world, and there’s no reason we can’t be like that.”

Yes, yes, yes! Suddenly it all makes sense now. The bitter, unending winters. The gray, faceless party apparatchiks. The empty shops… the emptier slogans. The realization that you’ve already read 800 pages of the same story and still have 900 pages to go. We are living in a big remake of Dr. Zhivago!

Eliot Spitzer as Vladimir Ilyich Lenin
Sheldon Silver as Josef Stalin
Richard Brodsky as…
Boris Yeltsin
Joe Bruno as All My Children‘s Stuart Chandler

Upstate New York need new Five Year Plan! (And high-speed Trans-Siberian Railroad, for deliver Politburo members to summer dacha.)