New York Kindling

NYCO's Blog in Exile. Northeastern camping and notes from the field.


I think there is a lack of online presence for the poor-slob tent/car/popup camper based in the Northeast. A lack of resources and ideas for forest-folk who have to deal with things like rain and rain.

Every camping site I see, seems to be geared toward two opposing (er) camps: 1) the granola backwoods sportsman, occasionally in the East but usually in the West, or 2) the retirees touring the West in a rock star bus.

I believe that given enough time and money, all of us would gradually become rock stars; but most of us are never going to be one. This site is for us.

Car camping is something like Suburbia Disheveled, but then again, in its heart, suburbia is a camp — not just sub-urban, but sub-wilderness, too.

I could get all fancy and call this an “Outside Affairs” website. But that encompasses so much, from hydrofracking to climate change, to skepticism over New Urbanism, to homelessness and survival, that I probably shouldn’t bring it up.

Oops, I guess I just did.

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