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Some years ago, a friend of my dad’s remodeled his house up in Mexico. It’s a farmhouse built around 1850, and by the time the remodeling was done, he wound up with a lot of exceedingly thick, chopped wooden beams from the basement that he gave to my dad for camp wood.

Let’s just say this was some amazing firewood. Talk about well-seasoned! The like has never been seen before or since.

There was one particular unforgettable beam in this lot. We called it Megachunk, and it sustained us for an entire wet, four-day weekend in the Saratoga area. It took the whole weekend for the log to finally render down…

“How old do you think this wood is?”

“It’s from 1850 or thereabouts, and they’re huge beams, so… maybe that tree was 60 or 70 years old when it was cut.”

“So, maybe, 1780 or 1790?… Maybe George Washington was alive when this tree was alive.”

“So now we’re burning George Washington.

It took us a couple of years to completely burn Randy’s house, but we still remember Megachunk.

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