Fairmount Glen Mini Golf

Quick link: Fairmount Glen Miniature Golf has a website (“I did not know that!”), with a history page that has some pictures of its old course at the current location of West Genesee High School, and some old pictures of its current location circa 1960. (Sorry for the light posting lately. Hoping to be back […]

Homeless in Fairmount

On the same day that I posted about my grandmother’s purchase of a home in Fairmount, two girls discovered the body of a homeless man who apparently died of exposure sometime last week, “in the woods” behind the Fairmount strip. (“The woods” is misleading, it’s more like an empty lot with trees on it… this […]

Fairmount, present day

It’s been a while since my last installment of the Compleat History of Fairmount… I believe I left off poised to look at Fairmount’s connections to the State Fair and with the founding of the city of Syracuse. That’s still being left for another day, but I suppose it’s OK to jump back and forth […]