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Let’s not talk about it

There are many, many subjects which cannot be discussed — not even at the highest levels of official secrecy. They’re just too dangerous, too potentially destructive to the fabric of governments, societies, civilizations. Pull even a little bit on these threads and the entire garment over our nakedness will unravel. There are the things like the unpleasant business in Iraq and how it has probably irreversibly compromised the whole U.S. military-industrial complex from which is derived American might and majesty, which is why no one can commit to an end date for it. And even more unmentionable things, hinted at by the way that political science professors living in a community never comment publicly on the governing style of the locals (none dare call it treehouse). Then there are of course the family secrets in all the houses along Shady Lane — oddly enough, often not shocking in and of themselves, but still ferociously guarded for decades all the same.

But I believe the most dangerous thread to be pulled, the biggest official lie, the thing no one ever wants to talk about openly, even though many of us know it is true… is that no matter what claims they make of it, no matter how they package it, no matter how “natural” they say it is, no matter how even “local” it is, no matter how much you shake it up… store-bought orange juice just does not taste anything like fresh-squeezed orange juice. Ever. It has a completely different taste.

I’ve said too much already.