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The Noodler

This story from the Los Angeles Times about blogging and journalism has gotten a lot of attention over the weekend. (You can even head over to Rochester Turning to see ongoing complaints about this issue.)

However, I am not here to talk about that story today. I’m here to talk about a person known only to me (and probably to no one else) as The Noodler.

The Noodler is a guy (or maybe a girl – who knows?), age and occupation unknown, who appears to reside on a street not far from mine… although that too is an assumption, because he may just be a visitor or guest. He has an electric guitar. Music experts could probably tell me what kind, but it’s like an amplified acoustic guitar. Lately, every night at around 9, or even as late as 10, he starts playing. He doesn’t play actual songs, but instead long confident strings of riffs, song fragments and arpeggios, which is why I call him The Noodler.

He clearly knows music, perhaps had training, and certainly knows the guitar. It could be that he is playing parts of well-known songs from beyond my generation, but I don’t think so. I think he’s making a lot of it up as he goes along, perhaps much like this bird from Australia. However, I also guess he is working on something, as in between the various riffs, each night he returns to a specific fragment which he lingers on for a little longer than the others.

How long will he be performing nightly? Don’t know. Is he performing, or just practicing? Hard to tell. Is this guy in a band? Unknown. If not, why not? I’m sure he has his reasons. I’d like to thank him for his noodlings, however, as he gave me something I could blog about for one more day.