The bakery that time forgot

Harrison’s on West Genesee (across from Sacred Heart) is 60 years old this year. There is simply not much to the place, and there never has been. It’s basically a small lobby with three glass cases filled with goodies. Nothing else seems to have changed since (what I imagine it was in) 1949. Except now they are now offering ice cream, which seems mildly sacrilegious, but probably yummy too. Then again, Harrison’s was always yummy in a slightly sacrilegious way for me, because every family funeral took place at Giminski-Wysocki a couple doors down; and when I was a kid it was the place we went for “calling hours break.” Also, of course, it was where some of the food came from for the wakes. Sacred Heart Church is all mixed up in this dream too. Easter and babka, Death and halfmoons. The best halfmoons.