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Trucking companies are, understandably, quite angry about this week’s announced crackdown on garbage haulers using back roads in the Finger Lakes to get to upstate landfills. Will the downstate municipal garbage authorities ever figure out that it might be cheaper (if slower) to haul trash to Seneca Falls via the Erie Canal system? (Not to mention greener?)

Canal related items

Here’s a NYT story (and photo essay) on canal living in Amsterdam. (The one in Europe.) Yes, who needs an overactive developer to buy land for upscale homes along a canal when you can just live on your boat and escape crushing property taxes? (Not to mention not have to pay New York Canal System use fees, these days?) You can even have a solar-powered canalboat if you like.

Second, for any canal buffs out there: Camillus Erie Canal Park unveiled a very interesting new bit of history this past weekend when they opened their 1820 Clinton’s Ditch Site. This part of the park is located about 500 feet east of the existing aqueduct as you head in the direction of Route 173. It features remains of original canal structures which were abandoned in the 1840’s, including what’s left of Lock 58 (one of the original 83 locks); a mule change bridge; and what may be the only existing remains of an original Erie Canal aqueduct, built in 1820. (The current aqueduct at the park was a replacement for this older aqueduct.)

Because of the age and state of abandon of these structures — as well as the fact that original structures were often raided for their stone in order to build the newer ones — there isn’t a whole lot left, but what’s there is worth a trip, if you like history. The view from the bank of Nine Mile Creek is also very pleasant.