Monday, April 6: Through a Blog, Darkly

The post I wanted to have today isn’t quite finished, and I conveniently happen to have a crapload of old blog posts sitting around, so I thought I would bring some of them back from time to time to see if they have any light to shed on our current situation in CNY. Come with me down memory lane, in the glorious days when the Great Pumpkin held sway, just a couple of months before he scored one of the greatest own goals in American political history.

Spitzer was telling Upstate interests that he wasn’t going to speak for them – they were going to have to go to Albany and each individually field competitors in the Hunger Games. However, he did give the first (and only) “State of the Upstate” talk. At the time, I thought,

“Fight for your money” is going to have to be internalized by anyone who wants to get anything done in a general economic downturn. That goes for any terrific local ideas about free college for city students. Locally, money for initiatives is going to start drying up. Jim Walsh is leaving, and that means the pork faucet is being shut off. Private corporations will have less cash to promise. Alumni donations to universities will falter. Some people, unused to not having plenty of cash to burn, will move on to greener pastures. Now is the time when we’ll see who is really in it to win it, or just in it for the easy going. Nobody will win this fight unless they get out of their remote towers and engage their own people during the hard times, rather than retreating at the first sign of the money drying up.

Well, just 12 years later, here we are. There’s nowhere to run. And now the state of the Upstate is exactly the state of the Downstate. (Except, Jim Walsh is still around here somewhere. Ryan McMahon said the other week that he talked to him on the phone about leadership.)