Saturday, April 4 roundup

Odds and ends from the week…

Is it just me, or are we all thinking about food a heck of a lot more? If everything is to change, maybe our food culture will change in small ways as well as structural. “Culture” is not what you go to a museum or performance for; those are just reflections of actual culture, which is things that people do (or once did) in order to deal with daily life — or a stressful survival event (war, famine, repression, plague). Last week in Rochester, there appeared the Fauci Donut. This week, Syracuse has produced the McMahon Donut. (I guess Dr. Gupta was too busy to have her picture taken.) The donuts will be sold at Glazed and Confused to benefit a comfort fund for local hospital personnel. I wonder if donuts with people’s faces on them will become a “thing” in future years that we will have forgotten the original reason for.

From Curbed: Who Gets to Be Outside?

“We need to stop shaming people who are going for walks in the park to rightfully get some air after a tough week, and start shaming politicians who aren’t closing down streets to cars,” says Jonathan Fertig, an architect and tactical urbanist based in Denver, where a third of the city’s sidewalks are less than four feet wide. A coalition of advocates named the Denver Streets Partnership is currently petitioning Mayor Michael Hancock to open a network of streets, many surrounding and connecting parks.

(I briefly thought of attempting Split Rock on a nice day recently, but if the sheer number of streetwalkers in my neighborhood are any indication, it probably has become the “tri-town area”‘s new national park.)

Reports from the “front lines” inside hospitals: Buffalo. Syracuse. Russia.

New York State had a ventilator triage protocol written in 2015, but it’s not being used.