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Extraordinary measures

The nation is beaming with praise for Cuomo, but his words also produced stark, every-man-for-themselves terror in city and county governments this week. Of course right now we’re too concerned about social distancing and groceries to be concerned about the fearsome quarterly budget powers which the governor may be appropriating for himself.

Welcome to EU-style “austerity,” and hopefully not also “Gov. Cuomo’s Little Book on How to Master Accents of the Five Boroughs.” Cuomo has personalized his approach to all this a great deal, as is his style. That isn’t necessarily a heartwarming state of affairs for those on the outskirts of the Empire.

Lawmakers are considering a return to Albany as early as Sunday, though with a scaled-down approach. After the positive virus results for a fourth member of the Assembly on Friday, they will be looking at ways for Democrats and Republicans to vote remotely if they are ill or have other issues that makes it unwise to return to the Capitol.

As water seeks its own level, power fills vacuums.

Radisson Gone Wild

The main subject of yesterday’s Onondaga Co presser, besides “The federal government won’t give us any money because we’re misunderstood,” was “Getting tough on partiers.” I was afraid that this meant “people of color assembling” (although no one should be assembling) and “we shall release the Kraken” (911 calls) on them. Relieved to see that the offending example photo making the rounds (photo released by the county officials) is of tailgaters at a Radisson golf course. Welp, can’t get any whiter than that…


Late update: This just in — parties are now illegal in Onondaga County. And celebrations. And dancing. NO DANCING IN OUR TOWN. It should be easy for city and county law enforcement to find and break up these gatherings, as they will just have to follow the sound of the blasting Beastie Boys soundtrack that will inevitably, defiantly play at every pop-up kegger from now until the end of this crisis.

The terrible state of upstate data

Tried to quickly assemble an Airtable of Onondaga/Monroe/Erie COVID-19 data but soon gave up in frustration. The lack of a unified regional data reporting standard is frustrating, especially when the Upstate data picture tends to get lost in the statewide shuffle even in the best of times. I’m sure better data minds than mine are already making good state maps of stuff, but it doesn’t help people on the ground in a pandemic trying to understand how high the water really is in their area. For example, Erie and Onondaga counties are using the same easy-to-read GIS mapping tool, while Monroe County apparently isn’t and is reporting by zip code.

Cuomo press briefing, Friday

“Members of the National Guard sitting front and center, press is behind them and to the side.” Cuomo gonna Cuomo…