Sunday, March 29: Masque of the…

In the fog of coronavirus war, it’s very hard to tell what the real state of PPE is in UNY, much less downstate where things are so much more fraught with need and politics. The daily Onondaga County briefings imply that Syracuse-area hospitals are doing “okay for now,” and what I’ve heard from at least one local hospital would confirm that. In Binghamton, things aren’t so good with PPE. In Watertown, firefighters have some N95 masks, but almost certainly not enough. And the police in my town have been asking publicly for PPE and other supplies.

It’s hard to figure out what to do about masks when two weeks ago, we were being told that surgical and cloth masks were absolutely no good for anything — and that by the way, you really ought to leave them to the professionals. Now everyone’s being urged to wear cloth masks. One Syracuse-area seamstress is working on an app to connect local healthcare facilities with local crafters willing to make masks. You can also see how to make masks according to official SUNY Upstate hospital specifications (HT @Lynn4MK)

And while hospital staff in large cities are desperate for any kind of PPE at all, it turns out that in Utica, you can still get extra-large masks for giant fiberglass advertising cows:

The masks do not mark the first time Cupcake and Chucky have been dressed up. “On their 50th birthday, they wore hats,” Wilson said. “And when Woodstock was at Griffiss (1999), they were wearing beads.”