New York, you’ve changed

Now that the derelict brick building on State Street (the one that was forcing the I-81 closure) is being knocked down, maybe it’s time to see how bigger cities deal with their old buildings. Answer: they raze them mercilessly and without tears. A website by a NYC film location scout takes a look at how New York City has changed since Taxi Driver was filmed there in the mid-70’s. He estimates that 90% of the New York seen in the film is now gone. (True, the movie had a lot of seedy locations and nobody wants a filthy Times Square any more, but even mundane, respectable buildings have disappeared.)

This picture interested me especially:

The old-fashioned vertical “Parking” sign behind Travis Bickle is not there any more. Yet, in Syracuse we still have one that’s similar. (The parking garage it’s attached to is a crumbling mess, but what of that?)

There’s news that a movie is set to be filmed at the old Hotel Syracuse. Maybe Syracuse can still loan itself out as a cinematic stand-in for 1970s cities, since time here apparently stands still.