Official state park hit list

A couple crazy suggestions here for closures on the official list…

Bayswater Point State Park
Beechwood State Park
Bonavista State Park
Brookhaven State Park
Caleb Smith State Park Preserve
Canoe Island State Park
Cedar Island State Park
Chimney Bluffs State Park
Chittenango Falls
Clark Reservation
Cold Spring Harbor State Park
Joseph Davis State Park
Donald J. Trump State Park
Eel Weir State Park
Helen McNitt State Park (I’ll bet the high priests of Holy Cazenovia Lake are cheering for that one!)
Hudson River Islands State Park
Hunts Pond State Park
Keewaydin State Park
Knox Farm State Park
Long Point State Park
Macomb Reservation State Park
Mary Island State Park
Newtown Battlefield State Park
Nissequogue River State Park
Oak Orchard State Marine Park
Old Erie Canal State Park
Oquaga Creek State Park
Orient Beach State Park
Pixley Falls State Park (sadly, no surprise at all)
Point Au Roche State Park
Robert Riddell State Park
Schodack Island State Park
Schunnemunk State Park
Max V. Shaul State Park
Springbrook Greens State Park
John Boyd Thacher State Park
Trail View State Park
Two Rivers State Park
Wilson-Tuscarora State Park
Woodlawn Beach State Park
Wonder Lake State Park

This list only reflects proposals for complete closings of state parks. It doesn’t include historic sites, such as John Brown Farm which is indeed on the list (happy Black History Month, everybody!), and reduction of hours and services at other parks and sites. The complete list is here. Another disturbing inclusion is Oriskany Battlefield. In all, 41 parks and 14 state historic sites are proposed for closure. Long Island seems hit hard, while the Finger Lakes region seems barely affected. For me, it’s the proposed closure of so many historic sites (including Fort Ontario and Sackets Harbor) that are very objectionable, and I hope these get fought.

Moreau Lake and Bowman Lake, rumored to be on the list, are not on it. Chittenango Falls’ presence on the list is surprising to me, but I’m wondering if the endangered snail has something to do with it. (And how, pray tell, do you “close” the Old Erie Canal Park? What happens to the bike trail?)

The John Boyd Thacher closure is really getting a lot of people in that part of the state riled up. It seems to be the most shocking inclusion on the list. As for parks that didn’t get closed… they want to close the beach at Selkirk. Why not just close the whole park? (Who goes to Selkirk for the scenery?!)

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  1. Oquaga Creek State Park — the reason why this was opened was because this region had no state park for the nearby residents to use. They use it and the campground is enjoyed by those outside of the area. It never has employed many people.

    One other comment about the Long Island Parks… Cuomo tried saving money years ago by closing some of the parks. He planned on closing Robert Moses on Fire Island because it was expensive to staff and maintain. I almost thing he lost every voter on Long Island with this great idea. He lost the next election by a landslide.

    If Paterson wants to close all these state parks — let’s see how many votes he will get! He must have nitwits for advisors.

  2. Yes, Oquaga Creek is a small, relatively new state park (opened in the late Seventies if I’m not mistaken). To be honest I think this list of proposed closures could have been far worse. They were talking “100 parks and sites” but it’s about 50. Nevertheless, the historical site closure proposals seem really appalling. Does it really cost that much to mow the lawn?

    And the Selkirk thing is just weird. Selkirk has (IMHO) nothing going for it except the beach, or maybe the picnic area. Why would people camp there without the beach? I’m also surprised that they were smart enough not to announce a lot of campground closures.

    I’m not clear on just how many parks Long Island has, but it seems to me they want to close an awful lot down there. I’m also guessing that the Finger Lakes parks (Fillmore, Treman, etc) escaped because if they cut back on maintenance of these, all the WPA era stonework will just go completely to hell very quickly.

  3. If you look at the list, only one park in Nassau is impacted and that is just closing a pool — there is quite a large beach at this park! The pool is pretty minor.

    So Long Island is not very impacted at all. All the parks listed are tiny. I got there all the time and did not even know there was a park in Cold Spring Harbor. Never heard of it. Orient is the only one I have been to.

    I know of lots of parks in Suffolk county and have been to many. None are on the list.

    Did you know that Governor Paterson is from Hempstead, Long Island?

  4. What I would really like to know — what does NY plan to do with these state parks in the long term? Reopen or sell the property? I doubt they can think past next November… but what will happen to them when they close? Will they be guarded? Who will stop me from fish or swimming at Oquaga Creek?

    John Brown’s site only employs one person … not much of a savings. The property is worth a small fortune, however!

  5. one last comment — New york also plans on closing the two visitor centers in the Adirondacks – -Paul Smith’s and Newcomb. Both of these were almost like parks (without golf or camping) because they had trails and educational centers. They are called visitor centers because the main clientele were the tourists, although the local people use them, too. This announcement came with the cuts to the Adirondack Park Agency.

    There are also DEC campgrounds and since the DEC budget is going to be cut 16%, expect to see some list of closures coming next.

  6. Clark Reservation? Chittenango Falls? Chimney Bluffs? except for the probably untouchable Green Lake, those are my favorite parks. My question echoes Mary’s–how are they going to keep me away from Chittenango Falls and Chimney Bluffs? Chimney Bluffs is basically just a shoreline.

    Clark Reservation–how are they going to keep people out and will loss of staffing make it more likely that people will get hurt falling–no one to keep them on the paths etc.?

  7. There’s a Donald Trump State Park? What, did we go in for naming rights before we just decided to close it?

    I got one answer for this nonsense and one answer only: Raise the needed revenue.
    How? Well, progressive taxation, for one thing. Raise income taxes on the wealthy. If cuts are needed, eliminate truly wasteful things (the Authorities reform enacted by the legislature this year was a good start on that).

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