Welcome to Erie State

This unconventional Senate reapportionment map, courtesy of Andrew Sullivan, would divide the U.S. into regions with more or less equal representation by population. As usual, upstate NY gets cut into pieces, but that’s not surprising.


CNY is handcuffed to WNY in this scenario, but I suppose worse things could happen. The name seems well chosen (resonating with Lake Erie as well as the Erie Canal), although the northern boundaries ignore CNY’s current media market, which does so much to foster a sense of regional identity. I’m not sure if the North Country belongs with “Northern New England,” but maybe it does.

2 thoughts on “Welcome to Erie State

  1. Big Hazel

    Thanks for bringing this map to my attention. I think it’s beautiful! And I think that Neil Freeman does a pretty good job carving up New York State, actually. Hudson Valley and Eastern PA together make sense, as the outer-outer NYC suburbs that they are — still very much affected by that hub. Western NY/Southern Tier is certainly tied historically and socially to the northern tier of PA (which doesn’t have that many people anyway), and as a north country girl, I’ve often though that we had more in common with northern New England than with a lot of other places — forest economies and public land management issues among them. I can see how Syracuse kind of gets slighted though — right at the boundary of several regions. I do think CNY has more in common with WNY — including (formerly) industrial cities — than with NNY, though.

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