To boldly go…

Brian Cubbison of the Post-Standard has a new blog called Future News, which is going to look at ways that newspapers will be able to use things like RSS and Twitter and Facebook and other tools that will show great communications promise to generations of journalists yet unborn. He points out that the world of Ridley Scott’s allegedly futuristic Blade Runner (1982) still had good old fashioned paper newspapers, which is very funny in hindsight.

On a personal note, I saw Raiders of the Lost Ark 14 times in the theater (a major Harrison Ford crush playing out in an era before home video) and spent the entire next year eagerly waiting and hoping and wishing to see Blade Runner. Then I found out Blade Runner was rated R and that there was no way in hell I’d be allowed to see it even once, much less 14 times. This is sometimes what happens to our great expectations.

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