Prison bus crash

Andy Arthur writes about an accident on the Northway and the larger issues it reminds us of.

The system is broken. Many of those people now in prison should not be there. They should be getting treatment. Instead of spending so much on incarceration, we should be spending more mental health and drug treatment. We must also be spending more on fixing our broken communities. Not only are the broken communities in New York City generating these broken persons who are forced into long-term incarceration in the North Country, the broken communities in the North Country host these prisons as one of the limited employment opportunities up there.

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  1. AMAZING and beautiful post on the prison bus crash. Not many folks have linked the poverty of upstate with the poverty of many NYC neighborhoods in their analysis of the prison population in NYS–most just demonize one side or the other.

    As for the struggles of families visiting incarcerated loved ones, I can attest to the problems first hand. I was a VISTA volunteer for 18 months at Auburn Correctional Facility in 1992-93. My job was to recruit volunteers for the education, clerical and counseling needs of the prison. The most worthwhile thing I did was help organize a supervised children’s play spot inside the visiting room at Auburn. It gave kids a chance to play while their parents etc. had more private conversations and also gave them a chance to play with their incarcerated loved one–rather than just sit at a small table on a plastic chair for a couple of hours.

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