April 27, 2005: AG endorsement

Over the past five years, NYCO’s Blog has gone through a couple of databases, some of which are now offline. This is a former post which is being restored to the database via public reposting. An update is below.

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Richard Brodsky gets a big endorsement for his attorney general campaign:

In another sign that the campaign for state attorney general is starting early, the Communications Workers of America yesterday endorsed the candidacy of Assemblyman Richard L. Brodsky, one of the Democratic contenders for the position, now held by Eliot Spitzer.

The endorsement of Mr. Brodsky, who represents part of Westchester County, marks a significant boost for his campaign. The union represents 75,000 telecommunications, health care, media, manufacturing and public workers across New York State.

Glad to see Brodsky’s still in the hunt.

As for William Weld, his cheerful assessment of why New Yorkers should vote for him — he’s still got his places in the Adirondacks and the Catskills! — is just lame. Unless Republicans get all tingly over that sort of thing. Who knows.

Foreshadowing their strategy against a possible Weld candidacy, several Democrats made light of his itinerant political career as a Massachusetts governor who seemed to tire of his job; ran unsuccessfully for the Senate in 1996; resigned in 1997 to make a failed bid to be President Clinton’s ambassador to Mexico and then moved to the Upper East Side in 2000 to become a partner in a private equity firm and a novelist.

Translation: Carpetbagger.

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I was a supporter of the dark horse Brodsky in the all-important 2006 race for attorney general, though he was never really a serious candidate. Cuomo of course sucked up all the oxygen and is now Spitzer on steroids. (Hm. Scary image, there.) And once again Brodsky is being touted as a dark horse candidate to replace Cuomo. I still like Brodsky, but this is just a remake of “Groundhog Day” because you know it’s going to be someone from the city anyway, so why bother even following it. Does anyone remember Weld’s bid though? I’m surprised his name never came up during the Caroline Kennedy affair.

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