Keeping it in the family

A quick note on the AIG/New York State pension fund affair… in case you hadn’t heard:

A two-year investigation by state Attorney General Andrew Cuomo, Albany County District Attorney David Soares and the federal Securities and Exchange Commission has concluded that Hevesi’s top political adviser and the pension fund’s chief investment officer raked in tens of millions of dollars in what [Andrew] Cuomo has termed “one of the grossest examples of pay to play” in history. The two were indicted Thursday on numerous counts, including bribery, grand larceny, money laundering and fraud. One of the men is said to have personally pocketed more than $35 million in shakedowns. The investigation is continuing.

This kind of corruption makes the bonus/bailout scandals at AIG and other Wall Street firms look like small potatoes…

It does? Maybe it gets people outside the family upset, but it’s just business as usual here (much like Blagojevich didn’t make many Illinois voters bat an eye when he was caught). The big question: Is this finally the scandal that brings the social workers in to investigate the dysfunctional household, since everyone in the country is upset about AIG already? Or do we just leave it to Cuomo to punish? If so, don’t expect big changes any time soon. (By the way, Eliot Spitzer doesn’t think much of Junior’s use of the almighty subpoena.)

This makes me feel slightly optimistic about Paterson’s 2010 prospects. A year is a lifetime in politics, and if he cleans up his own act and lets Cuomo take himself out, things could work out for him yet.


This story about the former commissioner of the state Department of Taxation and Finance, who allegedly broke the law by taking a rigged civil service test enabling her to create a new job (by which she could telecommute from South Carolina, under an assumed name no less), is pretty outrageous, right?

But at this point, you have to wonder if outrage over outrage over the faceless cheaters in state government keeps getting leaked in order to give us all outrage fatigue, and to sap the energy required to keep asking: Where DOES this AIG/state pension thing lead?