Do you believe in miracles?

29 years ago today…

This is footage from ABC’s broadcast, but the audio was taken from live radio coverage (the game was not broadcast on TV live), so it’s a different ending than the famous “Do you believe in miracles!” but no less exciting. Check it out.

3 thoughts on “Do you believe in miracles?

  1. sean

    man. 29 years. how is that possible? the 1980s seem as if they went at normal pace. the 1990s were a blur. and shouldn’t we just be starting 2002?


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  3. Ellen

    Re the passage of time… In 1980, I was 11; so take away 29 years from that and that would be 1951. Which seemed eons and eons back in ancient times to me when I was 11.

    So an 11-year-old today must see 1980 the way I saw 1951. Chilling!

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