Weirdest job title ever?

I noticed the following confusing job title in a business roundup in the Post-Standard today: Director of Self-Directed Personal Services.

Just think about that for a second.

They’re “personal services,” but they’re also “self-directed,” so you’re apparently expected to handle them yourself, which implies you’re not exactly getting “personal service” (or indeed, “service” at all…)

And they’re “self-directed,” which means they don’t need a director… except that they do.

George Carlin could have built an entire routine around this one.

2 thoughts on “Weirdest job title ever?

  1. Phil

    Not so confusing, if you unpack the situation.

    Person receiving services, in most cases this is home health care–disabled receiving basic assistance that allows them to remain outside an institution or elderly trying to stave off nursing home.

    The determination of what assistance is needed and the overall review of the efficiency with which the worker provides the services are overseen by the recipient of the services–hence they are self-directed, another step in maintaining a person’s independence.

    However, such details of the program such as recruiting of workers, payroll, insurance, filing of governmental reports (Medicaid and Medicare) is done by agencies such as independent living centers as ARISE and Enable, or for-profits such as home health care agencies and even some nursing homes that are diversifying their services (think PACE by Loretto). Hence the need for the director of self-directed services.

    Yes, it is a bit of double-speak, but at its core it is correct–people receiving services direct how and by whom they are provided. The paperwork is outsourced.

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