Thinking of WNY…

This morning at around 3 a.m. I woke up for no reason to see that my little Peek was flashing with a new message alert. Normally I would ignore it and go back to sleep, but decided to check. It was an ABC News Alert, which ordinarily isn’t really important news, but I wondered what they would be sending out at 12:30 a.m. It was an alert about the plane crash in Buffalo – Clarence Center, to be exact.

Well-known blogger BuffaloPundit is a resident of Clarence Center. His house was a half mile from the crash site (and he was out of town at the time). Sadly one family on the ground was not so lucky. This amateur video appears to have audio of the confusing aftermath and (apparently) of two family members who escaped the house. I couldn’t watch it without tearing up, especially since my grandmother used to live right under the flight path of Hancock Airport. I hope they will get some information out soon about how these people and the families of passengers can be helped.

On a grim note, this Associated Press fact sheet would appear to indicate that 5 of the last 10 commercial U.S. airline disasters (including 9/11) have taken place in New York State.

Hang in there Buffalo, we’re all thinking of you.

Updated: Among those lost on the flight was human rights investigator Alison Des Forges, whose book Leave None to Tell The Story is the definitive chronicle and analysis of the Rwandan genocide. Des Forges was a native of Schenectady and was married to a University at Buffalo professor.

Updated: An aviation blogger offers a highly detailed look at icing and how pilots deal with it, and offers his thoughts on what may have happened to Flight 3407.

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  1. Klara

    You asked on another website where you commented for information regarding a fund related to Flight 3407. This is a link with contact information for a fund created for the Wielinski family who lost their home and a member of their family all at once, on the Town of Clarence website:

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