Elizabeth Holtzman wants to be NY’s next senator

Via a tip from Robinia at TAP, from Capitol Confidential:

NY political ceiling-breaker drops name in Senate hat

Former congresswoman, Brooklyn District Attorney, and New York City Comptroller Elizabeth Holtzman has put her name in the list of contenders to replace Sen. Hillary Clinton. Holtzman had a conversation this afternoon with Gov. David Paterson, during which she indicated her interest in being considered for the position. “We had a warm and very friendly conversation about the Senate seat. I presented the unique credentials that I thought would be useful to the state at this very difficult time.” “I think the governor will make a very thoughtful decision. I’ve been tested during a national crisis. I was there during Watergate, people saw me there, people saw me question Ford on his pardon. I’ve been tested.”

Holtzman ran unsuccessfully for the Senate in 1980 and 1992. But this is a welcome blast from the past, if you ask me.

Here she is talking about the Bush Administration and executive power earlier this summer:

(And here’s an unfriendly look at her last election run, against Alan Hevesi for NY Comptroller. Quoth the writer, dancing on Holtzman’s grave: “No one in New York is going to ask “Alan Who?” anymore.“)

3 thoughts on “Elizabeth Holtzman wants to be NY’s next senator

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  2. Gina Percz

    I think Elizabeth Holtzman would be a terrific appointment. She’s got experience, smarts and knowledge of how Washington works. This is a critical time for this country–the collapse of the economy, foreign policy–and she would be perfect. We’re lucky that she wants to do this.

    Gina Percz

  3. Carol

    She’d make THE VERY BEST senator!!!
    Did you see her at the July 25 House Judiciary Committee Hearing on Limits of Executive Power? She was GREAT!!!!

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