Syracuse China

I really only have one thought about Syracuse China closing (my grandfather worked there until the late ’60s): We’re running out of things to be taken away from us. Pretty soon we’re going to reach a point where there is nothing else they can close and no more jobs to take away. There’s a certain relief in that, perverse though it may be…

Well, two thoughts: Does Libbey also own the name “Onondaga Pottery”?

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  1. Hmmm, great question about that name.

    And that’s true…maybe these continued losses, as bad as they are for community, will eventuate a local, self-reliant economy.

    The comments at are pretty telling, too.

    In many ways, we are doing this to ourselves, with what we buy. Those quick trips to Target are as responsible as NAFTA or any global trade policy.

  2. This one also feels different because… for the first time in a long time… we’re not so “alone” in getting factories shut down. It’s happening all over the country now. People are losing their jobs everywhere, probably for good.

    The feeling of being the odd man out in a “prosperous” nation was a big part of Upstate’s agony for years… decades.

  3. Y’all know the story about Walter Taylor’s name and Bully Hill Winery? Coca-Cola owned the name Taylor after they bought the Taylor Wine Company (which Walter’s family had sold to, I think, Seagrams). When Walter wanted to start his own small winery, he was prohibited from calling it “Walter Taylor Wine Company,” cuz, you know, Coca Cola owned the name Taylor. He couldn’t even sign artwork that he did for the labels with his name, after he named the company Bully Hill. So, he signed the artwork, then scratched out his name so it couldn’t be read. And explained the black cross-out thing on the label at the winery during tours.

    Yeah, I am sure that they own “Onondaga Pottery.” Better watch out that they don’t start charging your county royalties on the Courthouse sign. Good book on this subject: Freedom of Expression (R): Overzealous Copyright Bozos and Other Enemies of Creativity by Kembrew McLeod. He trademarked the term “Freedom of Expression” to prove a point… I read the old version, but, last year a new version came out, Freedom of Expression: Resistance and Repression in the Age of Intellectual Property by Kembrew McLeod and Lawrence Lessig.

    In the “we are running out of things to be taken away from us” category: they are already shipping Finger Lakes water down into PA for natural gas drilling in the Marcellus Shale.

  4. “hey are already shipping Finger Lakes water down into PA for natural gas drilling in the Marcellus Shale.”

    Uh, interesting. Doesn’t that violate the Great Lakes Water Compact though? (did that get signed into law yet?)

  5. Yes, I believe it does. Was just writing on the NYS professional planners listserv about this. Luckily, the guy I know who was doing it, at $400/truckload, for the drillers decided he didn’t feel right about doing it and stopped. But, they probably just looked for somebody else– they called him in the first place. Not clear, even if the Compact is in effect, who pays anybody to enforce it (probably not NYS, eh?)

    Re: Marcellus Shale and local water issues, etc., see:
    DRAFT Southern Tier East Technical Paper # 08-07

    Knowledgeable people seem to think that the water mining issue pales in comparison to the potential water pollution associated with the fracking process and, especially, disposal of the fracking liquid, which includes “trade secret” unnamed chemicals.

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