The economy. Plant closings and job losses are some of the bigger signs that all is not well, but what about the little signs?

  • Saturday post-Black Friday shopping: A normal, slightly busy day. Hardly anyone was in Target, but you couldn’t get near the registers at Michael’s. (Are people making Christmas gifts instead of buying?)
  • Automobile Row: Most dealerships are still open, but the car transporter trucks — which used to be parked on the side of West Genesee Street a few days a week — are nowhere to be seen.
  • Parking ticketing growing more aggressive (as at Ra-Lin’s).

Do you notice any little signs of change in the air?

3 Replies to “Signs”

  1. i was at a mall in new jersey on black friday… of all places… the mall was packed, but i didn’t notice anybody really carrying any shopping bags. most of them (teenagers) seemed to be only hanging out, wandering around, and not buying anything.

    i’m not an nj-native, so perhaps hanging out at a mall is the thing to do on weekend evenings, but it could have been because there was no money to spend.

  2. Eating out/going out: No lines at my daughter’s favorite Chinese buffet, plenty of seats available even at teen smash “Twilight”

    But I won’t believe the automobile industry’s truly in trouble until those loudmouth late night TV ads disappear . . . .

  3. one big change on automobile row: sam dell has been gone for a while now – has it been a year? – from the corner of genesee and south geddes; just a few years ago, dell was expanding, even buying up a venerable neighborhood bowling alley.

    but this is what is so strange about syracuse: i feel like we’re all braced for this recession, the way you brace at the doctor’s just before you get the shot … but it hasn’t hit yet, at least not wih a real vengeance.


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