6 thoughts on “Lie back, and think of eagles…

  1. Josh

    i’m not optimistic about that goodbye, sadly. the company that was supposed to be helping new york get in line with hava by next september (already behind the mandate) had their license suspended last week.

  2. Phil

    I’m just upset at the photo of the cookies–so biased. Why are they promoting the Dallas Cowboys with exact replicas of their blue star logo?

    Go Giants!

  3. sean

    i’m hopeless, but i like the lever machines.

    ka-shissshhhh (you pull the big curtain level)

    ka-chunk, ka-chunk, ka-chunk (solid sound of dropping the levers)

    ka- -shissshhh … CHING-GWONK! (you pull the big curtain level again, and the levers pop up, a sound that says: your vote is registered).

    whatever comes next, i want it to feel just as solid.


  4. Robinia

    Hey, look at that, two other people who like lever machines. I think they are just mechanical coolness to the max. As venerable and permanently useful as an old plane– just sharpen the blade, adjust, and it works every bit as well as 100 years ago when it was first made. I’ll miss ’em.

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