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Mrs. M at New York Traveler passes on a funny and painfully true New York historical marker. Supposedly it is a real one and not Photoshopped. (It is true that anyone can arrange to have one made by a private company – the state’s official historical marker program was discontinued in 1966).

WinterCampers shares some clueless comments left by backpackers on Forest Service comment cards.

Jesse at York Staters deconstructs Gov. Paterson’s call for public-private partnerships.

Sing along with “You’re From Syracuse,” discovered and re-posted by Syracuse Nostalgia. Gosh, I remember this now.

Some more nostalgic sing-along — sadly, this is not from the olden days: Mr. Bernanke, Send Me Some Green (via Calculated Risk)

Once again I will recommend Cleveburgh Diaspora, a Rust Belt blog concerned with many of the same issues discussed locally.

Phil writes at Still Racing in the Street on crossing paths, one of them tragically cut short.

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  1. A close friend (and a trusted reliable source) says the sign is real. She and her husband snapped the photo. If I remember correctly, it stands somewhere in the Poughkeepsie area.

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