Homeless in Fairmount

On the same day that I posted about my grandmother’s purchase of a home in Fairmount, two girls discovered the body of a homeless man who apparently died of exposure sometime last week, “in the woods” behind the Fairmount strip. (“The woods” is misleading, it’s more like an empty lot with trees on it… this is not an isolated area.) Between the rogue bear, the Burger King robbery, the collection plate holdup and now this, this certainly has been a strange year around here.

The man was reportedly a former resident of Lynn Road, which is near the Westerlea neighborhood around Knowell Road. Maybe we’ll never know why he left his residence and started sleeping in the woods, but I hope we can find out more about who he was and what his problems were. The thought of someone freezing to death during last week’s bitter cold spell, when people were going about their lives just a stone’s throw away, is very disturbing.

2 thoughts on “Homeless in Fairmount

  1. Steve Balogh

    Have you ever read Burning Sticks, by Paul Goat Allen? It is all about a man who lives in the woods of Camillus. As soon as I heard of this tragic story, I thought of that book.

  2. Ellen

    I have heard of that book, but I just checked and it seems to be out of print. (When that book came out years ago, I remember thinking, “He’s not writing about the Camillus I know.” hm, guess I was wrong)

    What bothers me is that this was a local person (with a family and an employment history all in the town), the police dept. knew he was living outdoors, and people knew the weather was going to be cold. And this was just a few blocks from Holy Family Church, too. There is no one to blame, but this is a classic example of how good suburbanites are at “coloring within the lines” so to speak, but any situation that strays outside those lines, does not get dealt with. And this was (apparently) one of “our own”!

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