When it rains, it snows

Word to the wise: When running a blog, thoroughly back up your data. My web provider had a server failure yesterday, which had the unsettling effect of wiping my account with them clean. Fortunately they do keep backups, and I do too… just not in one easily accessible piece. (While briefly contemplating the apparent loss of all my data, I felt sad about the disappearance of others’ comments and the New York State blogroll.)

So it’s supposed to snow a bit today (snow before Halloween? I do not like). Here is the Golden Snowball with a video reminding us of the Epic Fail of Buffalo’s recent October Surprise.

2 thoughts on “When it rains, it snows

  1. Julia

    I use my birthday as a measurement for when I think it might snow. More years than not, it has snowed on that day (Oct. 22). Looking at the forecast, looks like Mother Nature will be right on schedule.

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