Would you buy New York bonds? (Please?)

Looking at this website, Buy California Bonds, makes me wonder if New York would ever try the same strategy — openly begging individual New Yorkers to bet on the Empire State’s future profitability. (The step-by-step instructions are clearly aimed at people who have never bought state bonds before.)

As Treasurer, I am responsible for managing all of the State’s bond sales. I want to make it easy for individuals to make these investments – and pay the same price as large institutional investors. This website will show you how to buy infrastructure bonds, lease-revenue bonds to build State-government buildings, bonds to fund stem cell research, as well as shorter-term notes that help the State manage its cash flow… On this website, you will learn more about California bonds and notes, and about how to become an investor.

Individual investors, you say? Someone get Golisano on the horn, stat!

OK, this really isn’t funny, though. Illinois is closing some of its state parks and historic sites. New York can’t be far behind. More on this later.

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  1. Yup. Heard it straight from the OPRHP on Thursday– powerpoint full of pie charts about their budget and so on. They are looking at a very diminished operating budget for this year– and the latest call to cut again came after the bulk of their funds were already spent in the summer season. There will be cutbacks in open hours of some parks, and some less-used parks will be closing for the winter, although they typically don’t.

    The Gov came to Ithaca today and reassured us that he was not going to let the Seniors freeze– announced some LIHEAP funds and some for weatherization– and a new program “Heat Smart NY.”

    But I don’t think the bond-sales thing would work with cynical NYers. Now, an on-line auction for sitting legislators… that could raise some cash (eh, Golisano?).

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